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Some rare foods harvested today. Palav Kadu Squash, Dosakai Melom from India, Good mother stallard pole beans, Wild boar tomatoes.

Love your creations and the seed bank idea with so many beautiful heirlooms... What region are you in? Interested in what climate allows you to cultivate so many Indian and African species.

Thank you, I live New England, so It gets cold in the winter. I just grow these plants as annuals, I just start them real early in the season.

A very old verity of squash almost forgotten from Central Asia called Palav Kadu. Looking forward to saving seed from this old & rare Variety!
A very old verity of squash almost forgotten from Central Asia called Palav Kadu. Looking forward to saving seed from this old & rare Variety!

I am reblogging this lecture that Joseph Simcox gave at the Baker Creek Heirloom festival. He is one of the most informative speakers I have heard speak. If you have seen this video can you please write a review at

It will only take a few minutes, this will help him to get more talks so more ears can here this important information Thank you! Peace Love

Joseph Simcox Speaks At Baker Creek Heirloom Festival 2014

Joseph Simcox Speaks at Baker Creek”s 4th annual Heirloom Festival. In this lecture he cover Genetic Diversity and why GMO’s are not necessary because of the amount of genetic diversity in the plant world. Very Informative & Enlightening.

Hey there! How did you learn about what to forage when and what parts are edible? Also, I know you forage a lot thought the growing months/seasons, but what do you doing during winter and whatnot. I'm an aspiring vegan, who also loves nature too. D

Hello, Well It was just years of reading, surfing the internet, and going on nature walks with people who have a lot of experience like “Wild Man Steve Brill”. But during the winter I don’t grow food maybe sprouts indoor, although it can be done. I don’t have the resources at the moment to do so. In the winter I buy food and do more Photography than gardening. But there are some great homesteaders out there making these things happen, which one day I hope to do (if im not living in a more mild climate where I can grow year round) . Hope I was helpfull!

Peace Love

Harvesting some Blacktail Mountain Watermelon seeds! Happy to save this variety so tasty.

Blessed with some “mantanghong” chinese radish and “achocha” seeds! Thank you Jasmin! Check out her amazing Photography at

Blessed with some “mantanghong” chinese radish and “achocha” seeds! Thank you Jasmin! Check out her amazing Photography at

What are the best herbs to eat or use for medicinal purposes? Completely in love with your lifestyle. Your videos and posts are extremely helpful. Keep on keepin' on!

Thank you I’m glad that they are Helpful! Here is a link to a site with a list of A ton of Medicinal herbs


My neighbor harvesting Dill seeds, which he was kind enough to share with me. Share Seeds!

Dasakai Melon seeds given to me By The Botanical Explorer Joesph Simcox. A interesting Cucumber from India.

I've just discovered you by accident and I've been on your blog and channel all day. I just reached the beginnings of your blog and it's fantastic to see your journey so far. You've come a long way and I can't wait to see where you go next. You're a true inspiration. Good luck with all of your future endeavors and thanks for sharing your wisdom, it's people like you who are going to make other people see the light! -Danielle

Well nothing is by accident, that’s pretty cool i should go back and watch my old ones. Thank you for watching my videos and sharing your thoughts. This means a lot to me, I hope that others may see the light the light is Fun. Peace Love.

I had a dream last night that we smoked a blunt together in a cactus field and you were teaching me about growing heirloom plants, it was quite beautiful :) andd i just like to say that you are an amazing soul and such an inspiration, never stop bloggin x

WOW! that’s really interesting an amazing! I will take this as a sign to keep on going. It makes me so happy that this inspires you. Peace Love.

PS: Im a pack a bowl kinda guy. ;)

Really sick garden... This year is my first year growing heirlooms completely on my own without guidance. It's been a struggle juggling school, working for some type of low income, and spending hours upon hours in my garden (which sometimes becomes impossible). Just wanna do you do it? Are you in college or work? Any tips?

Right now im trying to move forward with my photography, but you don’t need much time. The key is to build good soil and your plants will thrive! you just have to go into the garden just to see what needs to be maintained. my tip to you is just keep learning, and keep experimenting!

have you ever tried growing a eucalyptus tree? it is very hard for me to find fresh eucalyptus to hang in my shower for aromatherapy and I am thinking of growing it on my own but i'd like to know how hard that is to do first.

No i have not but you should most def look into it. Also if you into aromatherapy im sure the is a long list of plants that can be of use for you, this may be your plant nitch!~

Hello there! I'm a big fan of your blog and it's really helping me learn about gardening in ways articles on the internet couldn't :) one question, just out of curiosity, is whether you use any time of insect repellent, natural or otherwise? or do you prefer not to use those? thank you, have an amazing day!

Hello! Thank You it makes me glad my blog is been a learning experience for you, I will continue to keep moving forward. For insects I would use natural things like a neem oil water spray and plant certain plants that will repel certain insects. Peace!~