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In this video I talk about some of the new seeds I just received in the mail, things like Heirloom Pole beans, & American Ground Nuts. I also some plans for up coming videos. I do much foraging during these warm seasons, so I plan on making many Videos on Foraging this year, Enjoy.

Rusty Shredding The guitar, Back at it.

This is just a short video of a spot in my yard I will be extending. Its is in a part of my yard that gets partial shade, the same area were I grew my Jerusalem artichokes last year (harvested 12 pounds) the soil isn’t great, but not bad.. Never stop giving to the soil.

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.
-George Orwell


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I love this mans videos on gardening

totally follow him, his stuff is informative and practical and just wonderful and i could listen to his voice all day long (for all my other followers: i’m talking about revofthought, if you are interested in sustainability / gardening / permaculture / natural foods / etc go check out his tumblr and his videos, 10/10 def recommend)

Some outtakes the Heirloom seeds 2014 video.

Wow, you are wonderful.

From the looks of it you are too!

Its the beginning of April 2014, so time to take out the seeds. I plan on growing a few things i have never grown before, like Cardoon, Peanuts, & Artichokes. In this video I show some of the seeds in my collection i would like to grow this year.

A day of getting together to trade seeds, but before the seed trading was food making. This is just a moment with Pete in the kitchen, fun times.

Freshly brewed batch of Reishi Mushroom Tea.

Freshly brewed batch of Reishi Mushroom Tea.

Hello beautiful human. Once you get this you must publicly say 5 things about yourself. Then pass it to 10 of your favorite followers. Not back to me. <3

1. I watch an average of 5 movies a day.                                                       

2. I love to play my Harmonica, But I play best when no one is near.          

3. I Like Weed.                                                                                              

4. When No one is around, I talk to my plants when I’m tending to them.       

5. I dream of making short Films & Documentaries. (will be real soon)



My young Prickly Pear Cactus has some new growth, a sure sign that Spring is near. One day this Cactus will bear some tasty Prickly Pear Fruit. In attempt to clean my room I ended up taking photos.

Goat shit.

Goat shit.

Spring has arrived! its a new year so I am exited for new things to come. I recently signed up for a plot at my local Community garden, its a pretty large plot with full sun, in this video Pete & I start prepping the plot. Hope to sheet mulch the whole thing in the coming week.
Music By: Rusty & I